Technology and the sexual marketplace

If it becomes common for women to freeze eggs, what would happen to relative values in the sexual marketplace.

Put more bluntly, what if today’s 40-something cat ladies had frozen a bunch of their own eggs when they were in their sexual prime?

Will sluttiness increase beyond it’s already towering levels as women feel no biological urge to settle down and become mothers? Will betas be spared the expense of paying for expensive fertility treatments?

Unlike Robin Hanson (follow the link), I don’t see egg-freezing as a way to avoid demographic decline. Egg freezing might result in more babies, but it certainly will result in women having children at even older ages. If we assume that well-educated women are more likely to freeze eggs, the demographic decline continues. After all, those with low IQs spawn a new generation every 20 years, while egg-freezing may allow those with higher IQs to go 40 years between generations. The dysgenic effects are obvious.

I think the potential effects in the sexual marketplace are more interesting.


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