Random thought

Half Sigma thinks Sarah Palin is too dumb to be President and that we desperately need Chris Christie to be President.

I disagree with both these statements (what’s going to happen if we have a stupid President that’s worse than what’s already happening under our smart Presidents?). But I wonder how smart Chris Christie really is. He’s pretty fat for a smart guy. At what point is someone too fat to be considered smart?


2 Responses to Random thought

  1. ScottS says:

    I think having a decent moral code, and not being a SWPL progressive, is far more important for the presidency than being “smart”. What passes for “smart” economic, social, or political theory is mostly garbage. I’d prefer someone who instinctively knows that robbing me is a bad idea, and has the guts to act on that fact.

    I’m not 100% certain that Sarah Palin fits this bill. But I’ll take moral over smart any day.

  2. Tschafer says:

    Half Sigma has this thing about Sarah Palin that goes beyond her alleged intelligence deficit. I have no idea what he has against her, but there’s something, and he really feels strongly about it. I personally am not a Palin supporter, but Siggy is just manic on the subject. Who knows?

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