Non-liberals and urbanism

It’s no secret that conservatives and libertarians don’t have very warm feelings towards urbanism.

I offer two explanations for this phenomenon:

1) urbanism is generally just a guise to enact liberal policies. When was the last time an "urbanist" suggested lowering tax rates in the city to make city-living less expensive (my taxes in DC, for example, are almost twice what they’d be if I lived in Virginia, I make up for some of this because I only need one car in DC, but I don’t make up for all of it. Plus, Virginia’s services are much better and the schools in Virginia are usable – I’m paying more for less)?

2) the only reason we need "urbanism" these days is because progressive policies in previous decades destroyed most American cities. Shouldn’t those of us who are not progressives fear a new form of urbanism after the recent results of previous forms of urbanism?

4 Responses to Non-liberals and urbanism

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    “the only reason we need “urbanism” these days is because progressive policies in previous decades destroyed most American cities”

    Ahh, but progressives don’t know that or refuse to see that.

    They don’t think the problem was that progressives waged a proxy war on non progressives using progressive clients (i.e., they ejected the white middle and working classes from the cities by allowing and encouraging black crime). They actually think the problem was that people had somewhere to move that was different from the cities! Hence, new urbanism. People wanted to move away from the cities? I bet they wouldn’t do that if we made the whole country like a city!

    The simple fact is that previous generations of progressives committed mass murder (!) and once you tip your hand that you will do that people aren’t going to willing live under your rule – trust has been broken. Want people to be willing to live in “new urbanist” neighborhoods? Credibly signal that you’re not going to encourage black crime.

    How to do that is another question.

  2. Samson says:

    I think you may be missing something here, F. Urban living implies interdependence and reliance on others; there is much less rugged free-spiritedness in a city.

  3. Tschafer says:

    Progressives hate cars and suburbs because it allowed the middle class to escape their grip – hence the ongoing leftist jihad against cars and “urban sprawl”. Most conservatives see the “New Urbanism” as yet another strategy in the war on freedom of movement – and the’re not entirely wrong.

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