How to make reactionaries

Make people live near poor blacks – see the comments to this post about some recent crimes in my neighborhood (for reference, Potomac Gardens is Section 8 housing). I swear that I did not write any of the comments.

Update: be sure to watch the video from Red’s comment


4 Responses to How to make reactionaries

  1. Red says:

    How to show who’s the master and who’s the slave:

  2. LB says:

    This is the kind that makes me admire things like google’s tax maneuver. As long as governments fail to act as trustees, and instead embezzle what some people actually work to obtain, the last thing they need is access to more tax revenue (not to mention its local counterparts). The idea that increased revenue would actually be used to close the deficit would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

    What governments need to learn how to make do with much less. Unfortunately, I don’t see them realizing that they are causing the damage illustrated above, but just maybe a little austerity will mean that the funding for those programs won’t exist. The disgusting creature in the video would be forced to work for food or die.

    Wishful thinking, I know…

  3. Tschafer says:

    As I’ve noted before, prior to trying any of the radical measures people on the Right are always advocating, we had ought to first try simply not propping up and giving aid to those who are hostile to our civilization, both foreign and domestic. If there are those who want to steal or destroy what we have built, at least make them foot the bill for doing it. We might be surprised how quickly some things would right themselves.

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