Arresting criminals

OneSTDV makes a great point in this post that I’d like to expand.

I get the daily crime report and the daily arrest report in my police district.

On any given day there are assaults, muggings and break-ins in the crime report. However, most of the arrests in the arrest report are for drug-related crimes.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that the drug users are the ones committing the assaults, muggings and break-ins.

If it weren’t for drug offenses, most crimes would go unpunished. Perhaps this is a failure of modern policing methods or the modern criminal justice system. Regardless, it seems to be fact.

One Response to Arresting criminals

  1. Mark says:

    That may be true, however the resources could then be focused on the real crime. All the money that goes to court ordered treatment, prisons for mere possession and so could then be deployed against real crimes. Catching a burglar doesn’t profit the system, catching a drug user is very profitable. Linked to your site through Mangan and really enjoy your viewpoint.

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