Jacobite watch

Lawrence Auster joins the ranks.


6 Responses to Jacobite watch

  1. sconzey says:

    Not quite; he could be a republican.

    Long live Hans-Adam II, Rightful King of England. 😉

  2. kkassam says:

    I don’t recall encountering the claim that HSH Hans-Adam II is the Jacobite pretender before reading Auster’s post. I had thought it was quite uncontroversially HRH Franz, Duke of Bavaria. Can anyone with more knowledge comment?

    HSH Hans-Adam II, does, incidentally have a book out The State in the Third Millenium which looks like interesting reading for this blog’s denizens (he proposes rolling back a century of new responsibilities and transforming states into “peaceful service companies” responsible for foreign policy, defense, law & order). In this interview he seems the very image of the Hoppean monarch, if not quite so anti-democratic.

  3. Buckethead says:

    kkassam, Duke Franz is childless. His heir is his brother, Max. Both are in their seventies. Max’s daughter Sophie married Alois, the heir of HSH Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. The line would pass through her to her son, Prince Joseph Wenzel who, oddly enough, was born in London in 1995. Prince Joseph will, barring accident, become the first Stuart head of state in centuries.

    If you google “jacobite succession” you’ll get tons more info.

  4. kkassam says:

    Thanks for sorting that out, Buckethead. Looking back closely at the “Auster’s post” I was referring to (confusingly, not the one linked above) I now realize that the claim was not about HSH Hans-Adam II but the “the son of Prince Hans-Adam of Lichtenstein, who apparently is the heir apparent to the Stuart line” namely Alois, which has the benefit of being closer to the truth.

  5. Buckethead says:

    When Moldbug was pushing Jacobitism, I think he was suggesting a regency with Prince Alois until Joseph was of age. I like that idea better than the neo-cameralist proposals. I guess I’m just a romantic.

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