HBD ruins TV

I watch a fair amount of TV. I put a couple episodes of the new show Detroit 1-8-7 on my phone for my recent trip.

It’s a crime drama about Detriot. I like crime dramas and I’m fascinated by Detroit.

The show tries to be realistic, but it must bow to the dictates of progressivism. As a result, it’s forced to have only white murders. Obviously, this ruins the show. It’s simply unbelievable that all the murders in Detroit are committed by white people. I’m guessing the first four episodes of the show depicted more white-on-black or white-on-white murders than the actual number of such murders in Detroit in the last decade.

Another good example is Sons of Anarchy. In this show, a (mostly) white motorcycle club commits crime and feuds with other criminal enterprises like the Irish Republican Army, white supremacists, and a gang made of people descended from Northwestern Europe. Surely the writers must know that this is beyond parody?


2 Responses to HBD ruins TV

  1. Matt says:

    There are probably more white people who have appeared on “Detroit 187” than there are actually residing within the city limits of Detroit, at this point, let alone committing its crimes.

    But a show about a _motorcycle gang_ being full of white people? Well…not so implausible there, I think.

  2. Yalc says:

    Read the rest of the sentence Matt.

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