No one is more racist than black taxi drivers

It’s not often that you hear people making racist statements in public to complete strangers.

However, it happens to me about 25% of the time I take a cab in DC.

Most recently, a black cab driver told me that he doesn’t pick up black passengers in my neighborhood because he doesn’t want to get robbed. I have no idea why he would randomly tell me this. I was quietly reading something on my phone when he brought up this particular topic.

Anyway, I was not surprised by this article that was up on Drudge while I was gone.


5 Responses to No one is more racist than black taxi drivers

  1. Genius says:

    I have no idea why he would randomly tell me this.

    He said it to put you at ease, because he thought you might have been afraid of him.

  2. terrymac says:

    I was coming home late one night, trying to get a cab, as was a black man. While waiting, I learned that he had just gotten off work at the local paper. We were going the same direction, a few blocks apart, so I offered to share a cab. The black driver preferred to take me alone. We managed to persuade him to take us both.

    The driver admitted that he was nervous about taking black passengers; the only time he has been robbed has been by black passengers. He said “It is people in our own community who cause problems for us, by doing bad things. It’s not the white people’s fault.”

    As an aside, the black passenger had a Miller Lite tote bag; from a distance, it looked like he was toting a case of beer. So help me, the prospect of picking up a drunk at midnight would deter anyone; it would be a lot smarter to get a tote bag which didn’t give such an awful first impression.

    I usually walk that route, but had a suitcase and computer bag that night; I have heard of muggings along my route, and was not willing to risk becoming a target of opportunity.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    He said it so someone would argue with him. The people who would be offended by that would also tend to defer to the cab driver because of his race. He then gets to browbeat someone weaker than him.

    Some people love conflict.

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