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On representative government:

Men are naturally unequal, as a casual conversation with any neighbor, acquittance, or business associate soon reveals. The natural order of a free society — predicated on voluntary private-property transactions — is hierarchical and elitist. Diverse human talents (we are unique, after all) dictate that a few individuals rise to the status of an elite. But elitism always conjures jealousy in the mediocre majority, so the elites and their natural talents are tamped down by the tyranny of egalitarianism.

Instead of repressing the talents of the elites to assuage perceived slights, we should let them flourish, as we should all flourish, sans the stifflingly political rigmarole of democracy and representative republicanism. No more of this "get-out-the-vote" nonsense for inchoate, ungracious 18-year-olds and multigenerational welfare recipients whose only purpose for voting is to vote themselves more of someone else’s property. Only a system directed, as Frank Chodorov so eloquently put it, by "men of high purpose [who] give of their talents for the common welfare, with no thought of recompense other than the goodwill of the community," can sustain prosperity and freedom.


One Response to Read the book

  1. aretae says:

    Unequal is natural.
    Group decisionmaking via persuasion is natural.
    But command is not.

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