More stuff I should be blogging

Normal blogging will resume next week when we get back home. I expect to spend some time trying to answer these thoughtful questions, though I’m not sure that I have very good answers. In the meantime, enjoy some links.

A while back I mentioned that reactionaries often have at least one very strange belief. One of the commenters to that post mentioned that he takes a cold shower or bath every day. Maybe that’s not such a strange belief!

I’m tired of hearing how great it is that Michael Vick is playing so well this year (read Mr Roach’s post). You know what would be a better story than someone playing very well after going to prison for forcing dogs to fight to the death? Someone playing well who didn’t go to prison for making dogs fight to the death.

Mangan on retirement saving: "The point is that if we’re going to be worrying about retirement assets and about unequal wealth distribution, with consequent changes in laws, including raising the retirement age and raising taxes, does it make any sense to import tens of millions of people who have only managed to amass a household net worth of $8,000? All of them will be getting in line too." No, it doesn’t make sense.

New stuff coming from Alt Right.

Is there a possible cure for hippiedom? Faster please.

Is it just me, or does Peter the Great look a lot like Ron Jeremy?

Professor Caplan misses the point when he says, "Indeed, with the benefit of hindsight, leftist political correctness hasn’t been all that effective. The full-blown triumph of political correctness, of hypersensitivity plus one-sided education, is patriotism." The "patriotism" that we’ve been taught is reverence for a very leftist version of the US. I think this observation is pretty obvious.


3 Responses to More stuff I should be blogging

  1. aretae says:

    Current Patriotism is rather leftist. Historical Patriotism wasn’t. All the same activity though. Teaching love of the state instead of distrust.

  2. teageegeepea says:

    What’s wrong with dogfighting? And I say that as a cat-hating dog person. Bring back bear-baiting too.

  3. icr says:

    “What’s wrong with dogfighting?”

    The development of selective breeding for dogs who fight each other to the death is another one of those dubious achievements of the Brits. Dogfighting in Afghanistan and other more civilized places is more like “dog wrestling”. The Brits have historically had a perverse enthusiasm for destructive and/or freakish animal husbandry:

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