Random links

The Economist on the manufacturing of consent (no, they don’t call it that).

Laura Wood reminds us that "hierarchical order is something that we all ought not to hate or to fear, but to delight in."

A book review from Samson’s Jawbone concludes: "Make no mistake: What clearly needs to be done to save a civilization isn’t always done. Humans sometimes act irrationally. North Korea is a very modern example that proves this."

Dalrock adds to the discussion on chivalry.

Ilkka notes that: "Today I learned that the organization ‘Homeopaths Without Borders‘ actually sent a team of homeopaths (wouldn’t just one be even better?) to help the poor benighted souls of Haiti to fight cholera, malaria and other diseases."


One Response to Random links

  1. Buckethead says:

    You’d think the homeopaths would chop up one of their own, and spread bits of him on real doctors.

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