Random links

C. Van Carter writes, "liberals should do what other cults have done to handle taboos, and devise some sort of purification ritual adherents can perform after reading or hearing “nigger,” or any other “unclean” words. A little self flagellation with a stalk of organically grown bok choy, followed by a bottled spring water ablution, would do the trick."

Unlike everyone else, I strongly support the revisions to Twain’s work. The differences between blacks and whites are so obvious that in order to keep up the charade that everyone is equal, we have to take drastic steps.

Borepatch dug up a comic book from the ’50s on Commies.

It would be super awesome if Republicans were half as cool as Democrats thought they were.

I might be last person in the country to have seen this video, but, if you haven’t seen it yet, .


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