Vox is wrong

The video that I linked to yesterday of a guy getting abused at a DC subway station went viral. It’s always nice when others get to see the joys of diversity in our vibrant city.

Anyway, Vox suggests that the guy is a wimp. Vox is wrong here.

In the video the guy is being attacked by one "youth" (i.e. a black kid). However, the video makes clear that there are many others standing around. Fighting back would therefore be stupid. Also, DC frowns upon self defense. It’s illegal to carry mace in DC, for instance. The law basically demands that if someone starts beating you, you’re supposed to take it until the cops come. If the guy fights back, he ends up in trouble – welcome to DC.


3 Responses to Vox is wrong

  1. GMM says:

    I have to disagree with you here. While I agree that DC’s gunlaws are truly absurd (I think the laws made in response to Heller are something akin to literacy test in their attempt to circumvent the Court’s decision) and political correctness definitely turns a blind eye to the city’s crime problem, that all does not much affect the basic rules of self defense.

    Fact is, if this guy had faught back, he would not have gotten in trouble. And I bet the kids wouldve backed down. They were looking to bully a weakling, and they found one. DC has its problems and MPD is very far from perfect, but I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t side with the “victim” in this situation for fighting back.

    Finally, there comes a time when you have to chose to live on your terms. Would I risk the slight chance of getting in some sort of trouble for fighting these kids over the indiginity of sitting back and “just taking it?” You bet.

  2. saige says:

    you can tell he votes democrat and hates guns

  3. Tschafer says:

    Of course, the attacker was a minor as well, and in the current atmosphere of “Oh, the children” it’s hard to say what would have happened had the guy hauled of and slugged her. I would have certainly fought back, but it’s hard to say what that would have resulted in, in the absurdist atmosphere of today’s liberal culture. Besides, can’t you just see some white-knighting nitwit coming to the “little lady’s” defense? I sure can. Certainly, fighting back was both the morally right thing to do, and best from a societal standpoint, but it’s hard to say if it would have brought about a better outcome for the guy in question.

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