Randoms of the day

I’ve read a lot of posts by lawyers suggest that if the individual mandate portion of Obamacare is Constitutional, then government power is unlimited for all intents and purposes (for example, here’s the latest). However, it seems to me that if we’re at this point then government power is effectively unlimited – do you trust Justice Kennedy to be the sole force limiting government? Even if you do, how long do you expect him to hold out? Doesn’t this situation expose the absurdity of "limited government?"

Sometimes – rarely, but sometimes – pictures really are more powerful than words.

This is a crazy story.

The decline and fall of the American Empire.

I’m not sure if anyone else finds this as interesting as I do, but PG County is keeping the streak alive.

Random thought: Would it be racist for Moody’s or S&P to downgrade the US’s credit rating below AAA for the first while we have our first black President?

Ulysses makes an all too rare appearance to criticize skinny jeans. I’ve started to notice that the ghetto kids are wearing skinny jeans, but they still wear them very low (i.e. below their butt). This phenomenon is basically my worst nightmare – a blend of hipster culture and ghetto culture. Next their will be kids breaking into my car to steal my re-usable grocery bags.

Today’s euphemism for "places that do not have many NAMs" is "places that have a strong ‘creative class’ and lots of college graduates."


One Response to Randoms of the day

  1. Carter says:

    “kids breaking into my car to steal my re-usable grocery bags”

    Ha ha.

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