Randoms of the day

I think the ability to delay gratification is highly underrated.

Every now and then, I see something that makes me happy I live in America.

Dalrock on being a father:

If you get the chance to become a dad I highly recommend it. We talk a lot about marriage and divorce here and elsewhere in the manosphere, but we don’t always talk about why it matters so much. The truck may be optional, but the father isn’t.

For better or for worse, Obsidian is back.

When your society is orderly, you can do all sorts of awesome things.

It’s a good thing our public school system is teaching kids to be so obedient.


7 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Jam says:

    Suggestion for a post.

    90 Girls Pregnant At One Tennessee High School

    Demographics for Frayser

    Table D. Race, 2000
    White: 23.9
    Black: 74.2
    Hispanic: 1.2

    Source: Demographics Now, U.S. Census

    Learn about human biodiversity (HBD).

  2. aretae says:

    I’ve been beating the self-control / delay-gratification drum as more important than IQ for some time now. Yes, they’re correlated. No, they’re not even close to identical.

  3. Obsidian says:

    Hi Foseti,
    Glad to see you put me in the mix. Looking forward to picking up where we left off in our discussions. Come on over to my place, I think you’ll like it.


    PS: Are you familiar with the Pregancy Pact girls of Gloucester MA some years back? Lifetime made a movie out of the story.

  4. RS says:

    As far as I know not one of the big thought-crimers, from Jensen to Pinker, has objected to the idea that the two have about equal importance. Certainly that’s what most of them hold. It’s considered the primary reason why grades correlate with IQ at only 0.50, within-nation. Between nations, the IQ – GDP/capita correlation looks significantly higher than that. Probably the main reason is that IQ and conscientiousness (probably) correlate more strongly between nations than they do within-nation. I myself have low conscientiousness, around the 15th percentile for US Whites, and it seems to me that this lowly region of the conscientiousness axis has plenty of people from the top couple percentiles of IQ.

  5. […] Pregnancy and demographics in high school. […]

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