Obligatory MLK Day post

Since it’s MLK Day, everyone who writes is supposed to sell out and write a post in which they find something that MLK said that fits their own ideology, tell you to read it, and make the case that if MLK were alive today, he would have the same ideological convictions that the writer has.

I’m not going to do that. My sympathies generally lie with those who find themselves on the wrong side of history. MLK – by definition – was on the right side.

Instead I’ll point you to this post and – if you have some more time and are looking for something worthwhile to read – this essay.


2 Responses to Obligatory MLK Day post

  1. Brandon says:

    Whose definition?

  2. Obsidian says:

    Hi Foseti,
    And a happy MLK day to you, too!


    Holla back


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