An authority vacuum

I haven’t really been following events in Haiti, but I have a blog, so I can opine on topics that I’m not really paying attention to.

It seems to me there has been no one in charge in Haiti since earthquake. What Haitians really needed from the "international community" was leadership – someone to take responsibility. This being the 21st Century, we don’t believe in leadership anymore, so we sent them "help." Chaos ensued. Everyone was surprised.

Also surprising to everyone is the fact that someone will grasp power while it’s up for grabs. This does not surprise me (in fact, I would find the reverse – the establishment of an anarcho-capitalist utopia in Haiti after significant levels of aid from the international community – to be incredibly surprising). Nor does it surprise me that said someone grabbing power is an asshole.

My fellow reactionaries know exactly how this is going to turn out. Everyone else will be surprised.


2 Responses to An authority vacuum

  1. Tschafer says:

    Well, Baby Doc is probably going to look pretty good after a year of anarchy. He’s a corrupt, murdering thug, but he’ll probably get the lights on, keep all criminals and thugs other than his own off the streets, and restore some kind of order to a society progressively devouring itself. After what has transpired in Haiti for the last year, that’s progress…

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