Randoms of the day

Steve Sailer on what the right is allowed to say.

Vox on the divisional round of the playoffs: "I very much suspect Jay Cutler is French. He plays quarterback in exactly the manner in which one imagines a nihilist philosopher would. A long touchdown strike to the tight end, a goal line pass thrown directly to the breadbasket of the opposing linebacker, what is the difference, really? Atoms are arranged one way, atoms are arranged another way, none of it has any meaning."

Richard Spencer on the masculinization of Ms. Universe.

C. Van Carter’s fictional excerpts.

In democratic decision-making processes, this woman’s vote counts the same as your vote.

Wasn’t there a Mark Twain short story that suggested this?

A bunch of liberals are upset that schools are still segregated. None of them would send their kid to a school with more than a few token NAMs. I think it’s funny that Hispanics don’t count as diversity – thus a school full of blacks and Hispanics is considered unsegregated. They use the concept of NAMs without uttering the words.

Thoughts on self-determination.

As a New Years resolution, I decided to read one liberal blog. I picked Matthew Yglesias. I find his writing very creepy. For example, he uses the term "thought-leaders" here. He seems to like thought-leaders.

Finally, here’s a wonderful image for Martin Luther King Day.


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