Randoms of the day

The joys of diversity.

Here’s a WSJ op-ed that suggests the federal government set up a system for allowing states (and presumably other municipalities) to declare bankruptcy.

Buckerhead has some additional thoughts about Haiti: "I think you’d have to elect a new people to make any real changes in Haiti’s future. The similarities between the post-independence fortunes of Haiti and, say, Cote d’Ivoire are not coincidence."

Arnold Kling on the democratic process:

That leaves open the possibility that two sides can disagree over what the democratic process dictates. For example, on gay marriage, does the democratic process dictate against gay marriage, because voters consistently vote against it? Or does it dictate in favor of gay marriage, because courts have ruled in favor of gay marriage, and courts are the true embodiment of the democratic process?

These are easy to answer, as the answer to all of them is "yes."

Adolf Hitler held a number of plebiscites. Were those the democratic process?

The teachers’ union controls elections in Montgomery County, Maryland, and they are looting the county. Is that the democratic process?

At times in history, pollsters have found that a majority of Americans oppose each article in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Can the enforcement of those rights be reconciled with the democratic process?

Does the democratic process mean the same thing in Denmark (population less than 5.5 million) as the United States (population over 300 million)?

I have no doubt that this program will work.

Hawaiian Libertarian compiles Roissy’s Maxims.

I really enjoy reading Ferdinand’s rants when he gets going (I’m not sure I agree will all of this, but it’s a great rant):

They call my generation the Millennials. It’s a somewhat appropriate term, though not for the reasons most think. A far better name, too close to reality for mainstream mediocrities to handle, would be Generation Zero. Zero not only in the eyes of American secular Calvinism, but zero in terms of philosophy and beliefs. We are the first generation fully baptized in the holy waters of nihilism, the first to experience the full force of an entire civilization’s supporting pillars being torn down.

Generation Zero was born into a world in which white people were totally deracinated, the heroes and icons of old libeled and shoved aside for new phony saints deified by multiculturalist dogma. We came of age when the feminist project reached its apogee, drugging bright boys with Ritalin and crushing men with laws that denied their very humanity. We were thrust into a nation that had made “greed is good” into its national motto, empowering corporate sociopaths and destroying labor protections according to the lies of the Chicago School and its prophet Milton Friedman. We were made the heirs of a society that had replaced authentic culture with ersatz pop drivel, community with atomization, refinement and education with boorishness and indoctrination.

And the very people who were responsible for all of this have the sheer unadulterated BALLS to blame US for the decline of civilization! They call us “entitled” for demanding that our government and employers treat us with a modicum of dignity. They call us “lazy” for not wanting to slave away like starving peasants even though we live in a world of plenty. They call us “immature” for delaying adulthood due to the financial pressures they forced on US as a requirement to get a decent job. They call us “narcissistic” for putting ourselves first in a world where naked self-interest is the state religion. They call us “degenerate” for not believing that venial sins like drug use mandate a stay in a federal rape camp.

It’s like the gluttonous condemning the lustful for being immoral.


2 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. RS says:

    Haiti – small population, 10 M. Wouldn’t be that expensive to improve said pop using cash incentives. I’d say the joint could be quite livable in 80 years with a few/several billion of cash incentive eugenics per annum, but I haven’t done the calculation.

    Simple plan. US$3,000 to women in the bottom 20% for sterilization. $5,000 per child to those in the top 10%.

    We might have to conquer and govern the place, though, to make sure the money isn’t pirated.

  2. Yeah I concur with everything apart from the diss on Chicago school and Milton Friedman. Don’t these idiots realize that laissez-faire and classical liberalism along with traditional morality were the founding belief systems of the American republic? What are these “labor protections”? Something that communists fought for. Idiot

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