Randoms of the day

Congrats to Buckethead!

This is bad – even for DC (it’s also happened two stops before my stop, yikes).

Check out the crazy conditions that the government imposed on the Comcast/NBC merger. Most of the conditions seem targeted at Hispanics.

I’ve decided to start smoking a pipe.

Irrational pessimism?


One Response to Randoms of the day

  1. dearieme says:

    I used to love my pipes. In my day you’d “smoke in” a new briar with some mild tobacco chosen for the task. The favourite in Britain back then came in a tin with the lid bearing the words, in small type, “There’s nothing smoother than” and finishing, in large type, “Baby’s Bottom”. So, yes, young men would stroll into the tobacconist and ask for “An ounce of Baby’s Bottom, please”. That might not be the wisest thing to try nowadays. What innocents we were.

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