Men’s rights and traditionalism

There’s a weird relationship between the man-o-sphere and traditionalist bloggers. I link to both because I believe that – to some extent – they need each other. I’m not sure anyone on either side agrees with me. So, at the risk alienating everyone . . . here I go.

The most unobjectionable argument from the man-o-sphere is that men and women should be treated equally under the law. Feminism specifically rejects this notion – if you disagree, please explain modern divorce laws, for example. To the extent that the man-o-sphere only wants to address these legal inequalities, it need not concern itself with traditionalism or any other -isms. (I should add that I’m skeptical of the movement’s ability to out-liberal liberals, but I wish it the best of luck).

I think that the men’s movement should aim for more than equality before the law. I think it should aim for turning back the "progress" we’ve seen in our collective morality over the last several decades. For example, making divorce laws more favorable to men would be great. However, arresting the decline in marriage rates would be even better. Better still would be reducing levels of out-of-wedlock births, making marriages last longer, reducing the overall level of sluttiness in society, etc. These latter changes are going to require more than lobbying your douchey Congressmen.

I don’t see how these changes can come about without some sort of return to a more traditional society.


9 Responses to Men’s rights and traditionalism

  1. Obsidian says:

    Hi Foseti,
    Interesting that you would bring up the (virtually all White) Manosphere, I thought you might be interested in my latest post on the topic:

    Check it out and holla back…


    • Foseti says:

      Obsidian, I did see your post. I don’t understand why you think I’m talking to the “white” man-o-sphere. Probably no group would benefit more from a return to traditionalism than blacks.

  2. Thomas says:

    I don’t think the argument that men and women should be treated equally under the law is actually that unobjectionable to most people. The idea is that past inequalities in favor of men created a society with still existing network effects to the detriment of women. The only remedy is to favor women for, say one or two millenia in order to bring into existance the eschaton that would’ve been here long ago had it not been for “teh evil old white men”. For exactly the same reason no proponent of affirmative action would deny that it favors minorities. It’s no bug, it’s a feature. For the so called “men’s rights movement” to even argue this “equal rights” shit is pathetic.
    There is one and only one way we will get back equal treatment under the law: the HBD movement has to succeed. If people come to accept again, that unequal outcomes in life have nothing whatsoever to do with patriarchy or racism, the fundament of feminism crumbles instantly. So it’s pretty easy: HBD FTW!
    Good luck with that!

  3. Matt says:

    It took two generations to destroy marriage…it’ll take longer than that to rebuild it. Fixing the law is merely the thing one naturally focuses on because it’s the one thing that can definitively be frobbed. When you rewrite the law, the text actually changes. Meddling with social forces is…messier.

    • RS says:

      If something radical were to happen to the general milieu, marriage could be rebuilt in about five days.

      But I admit that slow changes are far more likely. The only certain feature of the next American decades is a world-beating crescendo of mendacious bickering.

  4. Genius says:

    I don’t think the relationship between these two phenomena is weird at all. Many bloggers, it seems, are attracted to both out of the same reason: they don’t like what’s happening now; they preferred what happened before (traditionalist) and/or don’t think there’s any point in trying to return to what happened before (game). I think many people believe the current system will collapse upon itself within another generation or two and that they don’t mind encouraging its demise (game) and would be happy to replace it with something more sustainable (traditionalist) when that option becomes feasible.

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  6. Porky D says:

    A call for a return to traditional society is a call to replace one type of misandry with another. Not many male feminists on the Titanic, just old fashioned chivalrists convinced that women were worth more than men.

  7. Kris W says:

    No, traditionalist’s are every bit the enemies of men, boy’s and young men as feminist’s are.

    Traditionalist’s are directly responsible for the bias against males in the courts, the mass enslavement of males(compulsory Child Support/Alimony violates the 13th Amendment).

    Look at how traditionalist’s are utterly obsessed with male sexuality! And you dare say they are a natural ally?

    Traditionalist’s walked hand in hand with feminist’s these last 30 odd years in their crusade to destroy the male gender. From Church’s that worship women on mothers day and then on fathers day bash fathers into submitting to their wives.

    The only differences between traditionalism and feminism, is that traditionalist women prefer to be driven, while feminist women prefer to drive.

    The so called traditionalist men are nothing more then White Knights for the Church of Cain; their mindless subservience to the unfair gender is totally identical to the mindless subservience shown by mangina’s(male feminist’s).

    You traditionalist’s can’t force women to conform to your standards so you wantonly impose 19th century feminine and masculine standards onto 21st Century boy’s, young men and men*.

    *Traditionalist’s and feminist’s have been cheering on the fact that if males wear clothes that are baggy enough that ones boxers could be exposed they can be arrested, shot to death by cop’s or denied access to public transportation.

    Yet traditionalist and feminist’s cheer on when women protest naked or half naked.

    Traditionalist’s and feminist’s are Babylon the great. Both are drunk off of the blood of innocent American boy’s, young men and men.

    In short feminism, traditionalism, same damn thing. Both a bunch of sick, bigoted sadist’s.

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