Review of “Caves of Steel” by Isaac Asimov

I’m continuing my perusal of science fiction/detective stories. This book was also the first Asimov book that I’ve read.
In this future world, humans colonized surrounding planets in previous eras. The current citizens of earth are crammed into giant cities and are approaching a Malthusian limit on their population. In order to escape the Malthusian trap, citizens of earth must colonize new planets, but they are too accustomed to city life to be able to colonize new planets.

The book also has some interesting interactions between humans and the robots that are stealing the humans’ jobs.

Interesting read all around. The detective story was quite good. Asimov could compete with any crime fiction writer.


One Response to Review of “Caves of Steel” by Isaac Asimov

  1. The Unamused says:

    Philip K. Dick was about as different from Asimov as a science fiction writer can be, but a lot of his novels and short stories play out the same Malthusian endgame in the background, albeit sometimes just as an excuse to launch his hapless protagonist on a colony ship to Mars, or Ganymede, or a moon populated by escaped mental patients…

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