Weekend reactionary link round up

Chuck on Dr Gosnell.

A while back I made fun of Megan McArdle for saying that she wanted to live in a racially diverse neighborhood. I thought it was a ridiculous statement. Anyway, this happened a couple blocks from her new place. Ahhh . . . the joys of diversity.

Ulysses writes: "The weave industry will warm the cockles of the globalist libertarians. Supply, demand, and sacks of hair." I couldn’t resist quoting that.

I also can’t resist quoting Ilkka:

"30 Days", in which the documentarian Morgan Spurlock set up educational experiences for various wrong-thinking people, once had an episode where a white conservative had to live with gay men, and then another episode where a white conservative had to live with devout Muslims, but for some mysterious reason that we can only begin to speculate, Morgan never completed this triangle by having an openly gay man live 30 days in a devout Muslim community.

And Moldbug:

There is a word in the American political vocabulary for the last struggles of meaningful representative democracy. The word is "McCarthyism." McCarthyism, in neutral language, is the irrational belief that unelected and/or extra-governmental officials should be responsible to elected officials. The question of McCarthyism was whether the American people, by electing a Congress, could hold such august, bipartisan, professional and apolitical agencies as the State Department responsible to their fickle, uninformed wills. The answer, as it turned out, was no.

This headline is super surprising. I worked in risk management at large financial firm for a while. We had different risk tolerances for firms run by minorities and women. We took some heavy losses for these looser risk tolerances, but I guess it was worth it to promote diversity.

I doubt Borepatch considers himself "libertarian." But this seems much more libertarian to me than this.

Matthew Yglesias is racist. He also wants men to act more like women.

Auster on the intersection of HBD and traditional Christianity. Obviously, I’m on the HBD side in this debate, but it’s worth reading nonetheless.

There are a lot of links between the Austrians and hardcore Catholicism, so this wouldn’t surprise me.


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