Randoms of the day

More on Fed "independence"

John Robb links to a very interesting article on neo-feudalism. The article argues that Davos is a return to feudal era diplomacy. Davos has never made more sense to me.

A guest post at Ferdinand’s place on Reactionary Self-Improvement.

Reactionary-lite at The American Interest:

Today’s libertarians sometimes like to call their blue model liberal opponents “unamerican”. Nothing could be farther from the truth: if Yankee New England isn’t American, nothing is. If John Winthrop, Cotton Mather, the Mayflower Compact and the first Thanksgiving aren’t part of the American story, friends, we don’t have a story. That doesn’t mean Boston is always right, much less that in its current state the Puritan big-state tradition in American has useful answers to offer, but it also means that Americans inspired by this tradition will continue to add to the discussion over our future.

And far from being dead and buried, the Puritan political tradition in America is best represented by our current president; intellectually and morally, President Obama is a distinguished representative of Boston at its best.


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