Weekend links

Most importantly, Woot rounds up the "most bad-ass communists from 80s pop culture." I miss the old days of stereotypical TV.

Don’t miss Mencius Moldbug on Egypt.

Deogolwulf also has some thoughts on Egypt, including:

In other words: ongoing, widespread, and subversive manipulation of the workings of another country for the sake of an egalitarian-revolutionary ideology. Here it seems that France, the land of the world’s second-born left-wing republic, is just not left-wing enough for the land of the world’s first.

I don’t think anyone on the internet is currently more entertaining than orientalright.

PUAs and finance.

Audacious Epigone shows what dysgenics looks like.

Kalim Kassam:

In the last year or so, in some ways I’ve gone from a 19th C Whig to a 19th C Tory. I’m blaming that dang Thomas Carlyle!

Dennis Mangan and Richard Spencer on what I’d prefer to call "The Ben Bernank Revolutions."

Finally, don’t miss this piece in City Journal from a teacher in an urban school:

Here’s my prediction: the money, the reforms, the gleaming porcelain, the hopeful rhetoric about saving our children—all of it will have a limited impact, at best, on most city schoolchildren. Urban teachers face an intractable problem, one that we cannot spend or even teach our way out of: teen pregnancy. This year, all of my favorite girls are pregnant, four in all, future unwed mothers every one. There will be no innovation in this quarter, no race to the top. Personal moral accountability is the electrified rail that no politician wants to touch.

. . .

“Nobody gets married any more, mister,” Shanice and Maria chime in.

. . .

My students often become curious about my personal life. The question most frequently asked is, “Do you have kids?”

“Two,” I say.

The next question is always heartbreaking.

“Do they live with you?”

One Response to Weekend links

  1. Kalim Kassam says:

    Credit where credit’s due. I was echoing a tweet by AMcGuinn/AnomalyUK that’s stuck with me since I read it.

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