My neighborhood is betatastic

I always thought that it would be hard to truly understand Roissy if you didn’t understand the part of DC in which he resides.

For the first 5 years after I graduated from college, I lived a little bit south of where (I’m guessing) Roissy lives. The neighborhood is . . . unique. First, there are lots of young people. Second, unlike other cities, DC isn’t overly expensive – everyone makes some decent money but no one is rich – so the young people can afford to go out. Third, at least 60% of the young people are girls. Fourth, at least half the men are gay. Fifth, virtually all the girls that move to DC do so to "work in sustainability" or some such bullshit. Finally, all the girls that move here are the competitive successful type. If this is the mixture and you shake it up a bit, it’s not hard to see how it could be the epicenter of our expanding sexual dystopia.

Anyway, DC is a city of extremes and my new neighborhood is no exception. I now live where people from the old neighborhood move once they get married, give up on "sustainability," and get a real job. The new neighborhood is expensive so, for most couples, both spouses have to work. The schools are unusable, so people move away when the kids get older. The result is beta heaven. Everyone has a young family. Everyone has a DC lawyer wife. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a guy pushing a stroller.

I like the new neighborhood much more than the old one.

3 Responses to My neighborhood is betatastic

  1. Albert Jackson says:

    I suspect you are right, and, for much the same reason, it is not possible to truly understand Mencius unless on knows–really knows–what he is living in in San Francisco.

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