Randoms of the day

Dr Dalrymple on Berlusconi (this really is quite funny).

John Derbyshire on government workers:

“Short of the gulag, I can’t imagine any work force that would have a so-to-speak 90 percent disability attrition rate,” said Glenn Scammel, long one of Capitol Hill’s top experts on railroads. “That defies both logic and experience.”

That refers to retirees from the Long Island Railroad.

"everywhere you go in Africa there’s a Chinaman with a tiny finger in a pie" – C. Van Carter

House Hunters International . . . in Cairo.

The Four-Hour Dentist (this is funny if you’ve read Tim Ferriss).

On government employment:

When we add up the true size of the federal workforce — civil servants, postal workers, military personnel, contractors, grantees, and bailed-out businesses — and add in state- and local-government employees — civil servants, teachers, firefighters, and police officers — we reach the astonishing figure of nearly 40 million Americans employed in some way by government. That means that about 17 percent of the American labor pool — one in every six workers — owes its living to the taxpayer.

4 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Shawn says:

    Mr. Foseti,

    I would like to work for the government, preferably the Federal Gov’t, then with declining preference State, County, and City. I am a White male. Every heard of Whites lying to say they are Hispanic, since Hispanic can be on any race (so technically they, I suppose, were NOT lying). I am considering listing myself as Hispanic because I know there is a lot of discrimination against Whites, in particularly men, in government. What are your thoughts on the wisdom of my thinking?

    Thank you.

    • Foseti says:

      I’m not sure what the technical meaning of Hispanic is. I’d suggest not lying. I should do a post on how to get a government job. The short answer is that as part of the application process, you’ll be asked to answer some questions. They’ll be something like, “have you ever _________”? Answer yes to everything unless doing so would be a total fabrication.

  2. Shawn says:

    Thanks for your response. I could explain what the technical meaning of a Hispanic is but it has already been done by someone more eloquent than myself, so I will just post a link here to an article by Steve Sailer: http://www.isteve.com/who_is.htm

    Basically anyone can say they are Hispanic without lying, since someone can be Hispanic if they are from a Hispanic culture, in which case I could use my life experiences while a resident of San Diego to count. I am just trying to figure out a way that could give me an edge while thumbing my nose at affirmative action which puts White guys at a huge disadvantage.

    Anyways, I would be interested in a post (or an e-mail) on how to get a government job, and your thoughts on Federal vs state vs county vs private. I am 29 years old and working on an MBA in accounting. I am trying to do a career change and am working on the program full time, after pursuing a worthless undergraduate degree in communications studies which only qualified me for $12-15 an hour customer service or sales jobs.

    Thanks for you blog.

  3. thrasymachus33308 says:

    I was curious about the Ferriss book, but I think I’m cured of that.

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