Weekend randoms

"We are all monarchists at heart."

Bruce Charlton on the Fuhrerprinzip.

If we analyzed USG the way we analyze a company (i.e. honestly), the result would not be pretty.

If QE1 doesn’t work and QE2 doesn’t work, then surely, the solution is QE3.

Joseph on the downsides of having a high IQ.

"Transgender data just got a lot better," so you can stop worrying about that pressing problem.


3 Responses to Weekend randoms

  1. Samson says:

    It’s been pretty clear to me for a long time now that having a high IQ – or at least, being the kind of person who thinks about stuff, which may be slightly different – brings mental anguish of a sort that the less “gifted” never have to deal with. Ignorance is bliss, indeed, indeed.

  2. It’s good to understand the opposing argument for intelligent disagreement. For you, that would be monetary policy. I would advise Scott Sumner, Bill Woolsey and David Beckworth

    HERE is a random good post.

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