Randoms of the day

Your food stamps will get you sushi, but not teriyaki or tempura.

My take on the Superbowl is somewhere between this and this.

Tyler Cowen on the differences between the Maryland suburbs of DC and the Virginia suburbs of DC. He says that he’s happier in Virginia. I think his list of differences is pretty good, though I’d add that Virginia is . . . shall we say . . . less diverse.

This would be so awesome:

"I have seen the license plates that say there should be no taxation without representation. I have to do more research on the issue. The District of Columbia was designed to be the home base of the federal government so I would have to see what the Constitution says. If you live in the District, perhaps an exclusionary zone should be set up where District residents do not pay federal taxes," West said.


3 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. robert61 says:

    What a hilarious idea DC tax exemption is. You would get a very quick neighbor upgrade, which would be great personally, of course, especially if you own your house. On a slightly longer timescale (five years instead of two), I strongly suspect it would end the federal income tax, though the transitional period of pitchforks, small arms and stout rope might be somewhat unpleasant, especially in DC.

  2. Buckethead says:

    I think Jonah Goldberg suggested this when those plates first came out. That was back when he still wrote about his couch.

  3. Buckethead says:

    Virginia is even less diverse the further from the district you live. Does moving to Front Royal make me a racist?

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