Randoms of the day

This is apparently not a joke.

Social security is about to become racist.

A defense of the South.

Isabel Paterson is on twitter (wtf?). (h/t Kalim Kassam). (Here’s her book, which I remember being good, but it’s been a while).

Do fish not have souls? My wife informs me that we’re having dinner with pescetarians tomorrow tonight. Yippee. Thank god for booze.

Ilkka: "Today on one bulletin board, I noticed a poster announcing an upcoming student event to help people see the physically and intellectually disabled people as sexual beings."

On Germany and the EU:

The reality is that Ireland is insolvent. It took on all the liabilities of its banks and in so doing went bust. The Irish population, courtesy of its government, now owes a debt that can only be paid off over a generation (or perhaps two generations, or perhaps 100 years). The only country in the Eurozone that can bridge the gap for Ireland is Germany. The German political leadership is said to be open to the idea of some kind of massive, long-term loan. But German voters want no part of it. If no loan can be arranged, then Ireland will have to withdraw from the Euro and devalue. That will be the end of Ireland for at least a generation. It will also likely be the beginning of the end of the Euro.

I think Germany will bail out Ireland. If countries are in the Euro, they can’t devalue their currencies and if they can’t devalue their currencies they can’t compete with Germany. Therefore Germany should want countries to stay in the Euro. Also, by keeping countries in the Euro and by making them economically dependent on Germany, Germany should be able to exercise effective control over the EU.


8 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. ScottS says:

    I will dedicate the next animal I kill and eat to your pescetarian friends.

  2. Tim says:

    Chimps are smart enough to figure out that animals are food. Why aren’t vegans?

  3. Handle says:

    Here’s what you tell the pes-ca-whatevers when you go to their house.

    As for the Euro question – what you say is true, however, the better question is to ask why Spain, Ireland, et al are determined to stay in such a union. They can leave anytime, but these people’s governments have chosen a kind of slavish penury for them instead.

    The people won’t like it for long, look at this from Ireland, from Monday FT:

    There has “never been a greater need for republican politics”, said Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Féin, as he set out his party’s distinctive policy pitch for Ireland’s general election later this month. … But Sinn Féin – once best known for its links to the Irish Republican Army – will go further, Mr Adams told reporters at the launch of his party’s campaign on Sunday. It promises to reverse the budget cuts, impose losses on the international bondholders who lent to Ireland’s crippled banks, and tear up the EU-IMF deal. As voters absorb the cuts announced in December’s austerity budget and look to the left, the party is well placed to capitalise on Ireland’s economic woes in the February 25 election.

    Expect to see more of that.

  4. tenkev says:

    I’m of the opinion that if they can’t compete with Germany without devaluing their currency than they couldn’t compete with Germany long-term even if they could devalue their currency. Monetary shenanigans don’t affect the fundamentals of the economy, IMO, or, atleast they can only affect them negatively, not positively.

  5. james wilson says:

    The problem with Germany exercising effective control over the EU is that, why would they want to? No good deed goes unpunished. A more prosperous EU would not equal a grateful EU. Germany would receive none of the credit and all of the blame, no matter the degree of advance.

    • Foseti says:

      I think they have obvious economic interest in keeping everyone in the EU – preventing them from devaluing their currencies.

      Strategically, Germany has always been in a crappy position, but if Europe is “united” this poor strategic position is neutralized.

  6. dearieme says:

    I love stuff such as “What I’ll say is that it was providential that the U.S. remained a strong, unified nation. The whole strength of the U.S. was needed to defeat Hitler …”. Without the lame-brained antics of President Wilson there would have been no need to defeat Hitler.

  7. Molyuk says:

    I’m not clear how it benefits Germany economically to bail out half its neighbors. Judging by the polls there, it’s no clearer to the German voters.

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