Randoms of the day

In the comments to my post from yesterday, several people suggested that net welfare recipients not be allowed to vote. I really like the follow-up comment from Victor:

Denying the franchise to those on welfare is somewhat muddy. Should those who hold deposits at Citibank have their voting rights revoked because that bank received a bailout from the government? Aren’t they welfare recipients?

It’s a good thing that Washington DC does not have Congressional representation. See this story as well. The District is indeed a special place.

AMcGuinn has more on formalism.

Newt Gingrich’s latest wife is pretty weird looking.

Study shows that white people ride bicycles in DC.

Suck it plebes.

FWIW, here’s more from Kay Hymowitz. I wonder how critical of women she is in her book. Maybe I’ll read it.


4 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Allan says:

    Dear Foseti,

    Here is a question that has been bugging me
    for a long time
    and I hope you can answer it:

    How much could be saved annually in the US budget
    if all non-essential government employees were laid off?

    (Of course
    the savings would include not only salaries
    and benefits,
    but also the infrastructure needed
    to maintain them)

  2. jiggaman says:

    Look back to the Founding era, I begin to wonder whether the Founders had a point in letting only property-owners the right to vote. As our welfare state increases, and the recipients maintain their voting bloc in support of those who will increase their ‘entitlements’, I’ve begun to think that they may have been onto something….

  3. Brandon says:

    Re: DC “special place” Any place run by children; ie blacks, is a “special place”.

  4. Surely sitting-down and coming-up with complex, balanced and supposedly corruption-proof utopian political systems (e.g. new ideal types of democracy) is an un-serious activity? Maybe accaeptable as an intellectual exercise – but nothing more.

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