Randoms of the day

Here’s a map which shows changes in property values in DC. Here’s one which shows the racial breakdown. If I had more time, I’d superimpose them on each other.

Soy is gay. I tried to keep my wife away from anything with soy during pregnancy and breastfeeding and it’s remarkably difficult.

Malcolm Pollack says, "All over the Middle East and the Maghreb, freedom-loving people are shrugging off the yoke of tyranny. Soon the world will be a far better place, as the entire region emerges from a tenebrous netherworld of medieval despotism into the broad, sunlit uplands of post-Enlightenment liberal society. Everywhere you look, the yearning for modern, secular democracy shines in the eyes of these brave young idealists — as we see, for example, below [do click the link to see the picture]."

Orientalright defends the use of "retarded" and says some other funny stuff.

If the government stops buying its own debt, there may be no one willing to buy it.

BYU is different than my alma mater.

Happy birthday to Rothbard.


One Response to Randoms of the day

  1. Handle says:

    The Fed will continue to anchor the short side of the yield curve at 0 until unemployment declines and so long as their measure of core-inflation doesn’t rise too far above their comfort zone. If they have to keep printing and buying to do that, then they’ll just keep printing and buying.

    Meanwhile, the National Debt will exceed GDP for the first time wince WWII sometimes this year. How did we deal with it? Well, the two rounds of double-digit post-war inflation meant all those folks who dumped their savings into war bonds lost a third of their money on the deal – a free gift to Uncle Sam. Also, they all had plenty of baby boomers.

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