Weekend randoms

Oreintalright: " The Cathedral’s power is cemented, the students have converted to the religion en masse, the downfall of man is just around the corner."

Audacious Epigone: " Despite all the happy talk about diversity, multiculturalism, a global world, and the like, as the US increasingly sees its dichotomous white-majority, black-minority demography replaced by a demographic composition that serves as a microcosm of the entire globe, the levels of trust people have for others continues its steady decline."

Paul Craig Roberts: "Another indication is that despite 10 years of population growth, there are 8- to 9-million fewer Americans employed today than a decade ago." Yikes.

Unamused: "Today we’re talking about one of Hitler’s few good ideas: the Big Lie."

I was going to write the same thing that Kalim wrote.

Alt Right posts some thoughts on American Fascism. I also recommend this book.

There were some hip hop awards in DC this weekend and . . . brace yourself . . . (second link is to a video with some foul language that may be NSFW).

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