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Happiest guy in America.

Steve Sailer on whites in the military. I’ve often thought that there seems to be an inverse relationship between an racial group’s predilection for violence on a daily basis and the group’s ability to wage war. For example, Germans don’t commit a lot of violent crimes, but they make for some badass soldiers.

In the comments, Handle some thoughts on Chinese monetary policy and "free trade" with China.

I don’t understand why economists love regular unions, but not public sector ones. Here’s The Economist:

The thing is, public-sector unions don’t work like this. They aren’t bargaining against capitalists for a fair cut of the cooperative surplus. They’re bargaining against everybody who pays taxes and/or benefits from government spending.

Why do they say that regular unions bargain against capitalists? It would be just as correct to say that they bargain against consumers. And there are more consumers than tax-payers.

Also in the comments on another post, was a link to this review of Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred, which is worth reading.


8 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. aretae says:

    Re: Private unions

    As a general rule, prices are set by markets…supply/demand, not by companies. This means that private sector unions are generally NOT bargaining against consumers, but against the owners of capital. Incidentally, they also end up hurting the presently unemployed. But as a general rule, the customer gets off scott-free, and if they don’t, they tend to switch businesses to one that manages their finances better. And if they don’t switch businesses, they at least have a (plausible) choice to switch.

    As usual, the distinction is moral. In one case, I choose to do business with GM (and it’s unions) or Toyota (and it’s no unions)…and it’s my choice, based on several factors, including cost. If GM Unions drive prices up and quality down too much…I don’t buy GM cars. On the other hand, if the federal workers unions drive the cost of government services up…I don’t have a (plausible) choice to switch to another government services provider. Enforced monopoly is, as always, the real issue at hand.

  2. Handle says:

    The thing to keep in mind about that whole “Military Diversity” report is that is was ordered by the 2009 Democratically-Controlled Congress with the White House’s blessing (and around the same time that they were conducting the bogus surveys for the pre-established conclusions of the gays and DODT report) in order to establish a kind of politico-media news-cycle event nexus that would allow them to pursue some more “social-engineering” (read: racial and gender preference kickbacks) legislation.

    There is a whole line of jurisprudence where the federal courts are highly deferential to Congress’ (or even an Agency’s) own “fact-finding process” when the question arises whether Congress is being rational and/or violating certain equal protection rights. Of course, Congress responds by creating bogus agenda-driven commissions full of allies to find “facts” that do not correspond to reality. I’m sure that’s what the founders intended when they wrote that Constitution – that you couldn’t violate it unless you could wrap your lies up in a pretty report, in which case, oh, please, go right ahead.

    The case here is even worse than that, because DoD has already been quite “proactive” (that is, they know full well what their political bosses want to see done) about furthering the diversity agenda in hiring and promotions and avoiding false charges of discrimination or disparate impact.

    Consider, for example, the “unacceptable” statistic that senior officers are 77% white. Does that strike you as suspiciously high that it’s somehow newsworthy – or justifying some kind of special additional effort or legislative intervention? It shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be suspiciously high even today. But “senior officers” are mostly folks born in the 1950’s and 60’s (e.g. Petraeus, 1952). What was the ethnic composition of that birth cohort? If you said “over 85% white” you would be correct.

    So, based on those numbers, is there a story to be told here that is “news-worthy”, or was this all a kind of fraud pseudo-event engineered by those who were recently kicked out of office before their terms were up?

    This, by the way, and I’m ashamed to admit it on the part of DoD but it’s true, is why you simply can’t trust any of these reports because everybody writing them knows exactly what the sponsors really want to hear and do on day 1.

  3. foo says:

    inverse relationship between an racial group’s predilection for violence on a daily basis and the group’s ability to wage war.

    I forget who said it but…. a more nuanced way of putting it – all societies live somewhere on the spectrum between organized and unorganized violence. The most successful are the most organized.

  4. Lester Hunt says:

    I think the argument that Wilkinson is making is that public sector unions fix a problem that exists in the private sector but not in the public sector, not that private sector unions are the solution to the problem in the private sector. Or that the most plausible argument (not necessarily a sufficiently convincing one) for private unions does not apply to public ones. At least, that is what I have meant when I have said similar things.

    This is consistent with pointing out that all unions work against either the taxpayer or the consumer. Of course.

  5. offtopic says:

    Off topic, but just watch this FDA official lie brazenly while under oath:

    Would be interested in your thoughts on this, Foseti.

  6. dearieme says:

    all unions work against any un-unionised people who’d like to work in the same field.

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