Randoms of the day

Protesting is gay. If you live in DC you see it all the time. It never has any effect. The people in Madison should go home. It’s over and so are the 60s.

USG accounting is about to get more fraudulent.

Ilkka: “Between sips of my morning coffee, I made a bet with myself whether I can go the entire day without reading Krugman or any of his followers proclaim that even though all those deaths of the Japan earthquake and tsunami are of course sad, the economic stimulus booster shot that comes from rebuilding all those houses and roads that were destroyed is precisely what this unfortunate country needs to get out of its now decades-long stagnation rut.”

Simon Grey on time preferences.

New epubs from LvMI. The books from Nock and Flynn are highly recommended.


5 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Simon Grey says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  2. sardonic_sob says:

    Point of order, Mr. Chairman: Protesting in the US is gay. Protesting in other countries may or may not be gay. For instance, protesting in the UK is mostly gay. Protesting in Egypt is not gay.

  3. Doug1 says:

    I count myself as a secular evopsych-conservative independent these days.

    Protesting for civil rights in the 50s and 60s south wasn’t gay; Ghandi’s civil disobedience protests against British colonial rule in India, the model more or less with a Christian translation for MLK, weren’t gay. The protests against the Vietnam war and the draft for that purpose in the late 60s and early 70s weren’t gay. Ok admittedly in the last case it was against a life threatening compelled participation.

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