Randoms of the day

Jehu on reactionary victory.

OneSTDV on reaction. I have a bit of a soft spot for Ron Paul because he comes from the LvMI wing of libertarianism, which still hosts books by Nock and EKL (I know I have some Catholic readers. If you are among them and you haven’t read EKL, you should do so as soon as possible. Start here). This is the last outpost of the Old Right, and I like the Old Right. With that slight caveat, OneSTDV’s thoughts are – as usual – spot on.

Hail To You on the real meaning of the word "diversity."

I don’t understand what’s cool about twitter.

Enjoy the comments.


3 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Lester Hunt says:

    Reading EKL is like entering a parallel universe. He is different. Very.

  2. Handle says:

    OneSTDV’s post is slightly parallel to the same thoughts I’ve been having for a while. As my IMF profile says,

    Handle is trying to organize and systematize contemporary Reactionary thought into a cohesive, coherent, and compelling social vision

    We’ll see if he ever published my “Against ‘Patriarchy'” essay.

    One has to establish first things and core principles before one is able to go forward. It’s basically a kind of ideological factor analysis Scan the domain, work inductively to try and find the “common roots” that hold as much of it together as possible (and with an eye towards future usefulness), and then work deductively from those principles to flesh-out the implications of NeoReactionary thought.

    But I think OneSTDV is too harsh on “mere opposition” as a basis for this effort. He’s right that an adequate substitute as an alternative to current predominant thought is requires, but the things to which we are collectively opposed is indeed a perfect place to start. It’s analogous to the problem-solving method of engineering, or the observe-symptoms-develop theory-diagnose disease-develop remedy system of modern scientific medicine.

    The best to start then is to define all that is false and deluded and failing in “The Orthodoxy”. Then it is perfectly easy to construct a tentative oppositional framework “The Antithesis” of equal and opposite positions. Through an iterative process, we should be able to refine that political-philosophy into exactly the kind of thing he calls for.

    I tell you what though – it’s time consuming and I sure could use some help.

  3. Kalim Kassam says:

    To paraphrase Bryan Caplan: twitter is the lie that something important happens every second.

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