Randoms of the day

Don Colacho:

Modern man calls walking more quickly in the same direction down the same road “change.”
The world, in the last three hundred years, has not changed except in that sense.
The simple suggestion of a true change scandalizes and terrifies modern man.

Sniping: "He had achieved the rare feat of ‘one shot, two kills’ known in the sniping business as ‘a Quigley’."

I told you that protesting was gay (it might not have been gay back in the day, but it’s gay now): "On the floor of the rotunda, [students protesting in Wisconsin] linked their bodies to offer a little protest art for the photographers: a human peace sign."

Vince Gray – the mayor of DC – continues to demonstrate why DC should not have voting rights.

Juxtaposition of the day: 1) "Ward 7 Residents Ask for Safer, More Reliable Bus Service" and 2) "The Washington Post reported in 2003 that rock attacks on public buses were so common that bus drivers were instructed to wear safety goggles while traversing the quadrant [i.e Ward 7]."


One Response to Randoms of the day

  1. Handle says:

    He’s getting very close to the end of the book, and so the Don Colacho project will be over in exactly one week.

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