Randoms of the day

Elusive Wapiti:

So, rather than the market being a positive force for good in and of itself, it is actually an amoral tool, wielded according to the nature of those who use it. The market therefore is only good if the people interacting with it are good, if the people interacting with it are given toward baseness and crudity, the market enables these preferences too and allocates resources according to the desires of the base and the crude.

Public schools expose kids to different viewpoints. Like the one that suggests that doing cocaine at school would be cool.

David Friedman on the publishing industry.


One Response to Randoms of the day

  1. ScottS says:

    Public schools provide exposure to different viewpoints through a progressive lens of morality. The amount of social engineering going on there these days is disgusting. I homeschool, and I believe it is my duty to provide exposure to different points of view. Heck – my son had a tour of world religions at age 6, because he wanted to know about it. He got facts from books, and I filled in the gaps.

    But I also realize that I am unusual in my motivation for homeschooling. With only 1 exception, 100% of the other people I know that homeschool do so in order to make sure their kids are properly indoctrinated in their religion. I do so in order to make sure that my kids are not indoctrinated in progressivism. And to give them an education, rather than training. And to prepare them for LIFE, rather than for the college -> grad school -> cubical hell that passes for life in the rest of the professional world.

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