Weekend randoms

Carl from Chicago has some thoughts on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I remember being blown away by Hoppe’s argument at the beginning of Democracy: The God that Failed that the Allies in WWI were fighting mostly to destroy the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He also spent a couple pages on the achievements of the Empire, which were huge and mind-blowing.

OneSTDV suggests that veganism is a religion. I agree. I would love to see what would happen if some enterprising Conservative started trying to get these leftist religions (include environmentalism) removed from being taught in the public schools and protected by law because they’re religions and religion must be separate from state.

Simon Grey on game as a social tool. I’d only add that I think game is necessary if you want to be successful in the modern workforce. You can’t treat a female boss the same way you treat a male boss.

Looks like the House will be investigating corruption in DC politics. They’ll have their hands full. Everyone in DC thinks they should leave us alone to be corrupt. Unfortunately, the Constitution says otherwise.

There was a weird murder in Bethesda a few days ago.

Some posts from urban teachers.

Aretae and Simon Grey on the "goodness" of the free market.

John Derbyshire: "How did things get this bad? How did the management of this nation’s affairs attain such altitudes of stupidity and irresponsibility? The answer, in a word, is democracy."


13 Responses to Weekend randoms

  1. dearieme says:

    “the Allies in WWI were fighting mostly to destroy the Austro-Hungarian Empire”: no, I doubt if either the French or the British did. Perhaps the Russians wanted to, but the case where there is no doubt is President Wilson: he really really wanted to.

  2. AC says:

    “I’d only add that I think game is necessary if you want to be successful in the modern workforce. You can’t treat a female boss the same way you treat a male boss.”

    Examples, advice?

  3. Recently a vegan restaurant opened near my place in Cambridge called “Life Alive”. I can think of no better example of veganism as religion, see their about us page: http://www.lifealive.com/mission.html It’s both hilarious and a little creepy. When I bring my vegan friend their, she is able to laugh at it with me. I do wonder how seriously the owners of the place actually take themselves.

  4. Sardonic_sob says:

    Those teacher posts we’re the most horrific things I can remember reading lately. The spine-tingling, jaw-dropping cluelessnesx of that man almost.brought me to tears. And I mean that literally. “We’re not holding tthem to different expectations.” Jesus wept. It’s one thing to admit that the system has rendered you powerless, but the unshakable denial that that is really the *problem* is beyond belief.

    Abandoned Areas are no longer inching toward possibility, they are yarding their way into full existence.

    • Foseti says:

      Agreed. The posts are also useful for their descriptions of what happens in the schools, but I agree completely.

      • sardonic_sob says:

        Sorry for the typos, by the way. My iPad is quite a little miracle, but fighting with its spell/grammar checker is a never-ending battle. And trying to correct text once typed is the least attractive aspect of using it.

      • sardonic_sob says:

        I got to reading his blog and posted a few comments, because I do that.

        One of them was a perfectly innocent remark on something related to how a thing was done in the rural school I attended as a child, and the other was a fairly nasty diatribe against a really idiotic comment another commenter made. It was “nasty” only in that it demonstrated, IMHO, how stupid and clueless she was, and wasn’t insulting or profane.

        The next day, both comments were deleted, which tells me everything I need to know about a blog host. I was sad, because I coined a particularly good phrase (“malignant Eloi,” though now I wonder if “malicious Eloi” doesn’t scan better) for the nasty one and I hated to lose it, but happily it was cached on my computer so I saved it. 🙂

    • RS says:

      Dude says he teaches Mestizos, not ghetto Blacks. So his silliness is almost forgivable.

  5. Sardonic_sob – you’re posts weren’t deleted. I’ve been having trouble with my comments function. Not sure what the problem is. Thanks for attempting to comment. But if you really think I’m a complete moron, it might be useful to attempt to engage me in a conversation about it rather than vent about your perceived inability to preach on a lowly teacher’s.

    I never said we weren’t holding them to different expectations. I said we weren’t holding them to lower expectations. I work with children who’ve been trafficked into New York City by slave traders. I work with kids whose parents have lit them on fire and refused to apologize for it. The way I approach one of those kids who violates the norms that I grew up with has got to be different than the way I’d approach a kid who had my background. I don’t think we can hold the same expectations for every kid. What a high expectation is must be adjusted for each child.

    I’d love to discuss these things with you rather than read you complain about my perspective over here. I’m sure you might teach me something. You use a lot of big words.

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