Randoms of the day

If you can, consider helping In Mala Fide. I did.

I am officially in mourning.

OneSTDV on real life personalities of bloggers and commenters.

You’d think Tyler Cowen was an HBDer, given all these updates on Haiti.

Whiskey has some thoughts on hardcore research.

Tim Wu on Steve Jobs:

“Plato suggested that the finest form of government was dictatorship run by geniuses,” he says. “Jobs realizes that dictatorial rule, if done well, will be more popular than democracy.”

(Also, don’t miss this quote from Wu: “During one of our conversations, Wu mentioned that he buys his shoes in Argentina. You go there, he said, ‘and you remember how to be a man.'”)

The American:

The problem with the critiques is that the underlying assumptions are wrong. They are based on what has been called “the transmission belt theory” of regulation, which is that Congress sets forth a need and the parameters of a delegation to an expert agency. The agency then acts as the expert problem solver for Congress, analyzing the alternatives and decreeing the pro bono publico that our worthy solons would require if only they had the time. Regulatory analysis is a way to systematize and facilitate this pursuit.

Any resemblance between this model and the real world is strictly coincidental.

The analysis that follows is overly-simplistic, but at least they’ve identified the problem.


2 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. icr says:

    ONE STDV has the manipulative voice of something put out by a PR firm-or maybe even an intelligence agency.

  2. icr says:

    Like a more homely (in the British sense of the term)
    version of the following:

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