Do yourself a favor and get some of this stuff if you ever see it. I’m not a particularly religious person, but it’s the sort of stuff that almost demands a spiritual explanation.


6 Responses to Gin

  1. Handle says:

    Significantly better than Bombay Sapphire? Looks like I’ll have to get it shipped or make a trip to Denver.

    Remember, the true mystery in this world is not evil or suffering or decay (or questions of theodicy) – which are all perfectly natural. It is the existence of good, order, and happiness which demands a divine explanation.

    • Foseti says:

      I think it makes a better martini that Sapphire. I’ve found it at a couple liquor stores near me, so you shouldn’t have to go to Denver.

      • Handle says:

        Though I’d like to, I don’t live anywhere near you. According to the Leopold Bros. website, they sell in

        Colorado, California, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Wyoming, Nevada, or Idaho

        I weep.

        Speaking of DC, I thought you might be interested in the following table which is derived from S&P’s Cash-Shiler housing price index, which came out today. This is the Annualized real rate of return for residential real-property over the past 11 years in the following locations, ordered from highest to lowest. Who comes out on top?

        DC: 3.6%
        LA: 2.9%
        NYC: 2.7%
        San Diego: 2.2%
        Boston: 1.9%
        Miami: 1.2%
        Portland: 0.8%
        Seattle: 0.8%
        San Fran: 0.7%
        Tampa: 0.3%
        Denver: -0.1%
        Chicago: -0.6%
        Dallas: -0.8%
        Minn: -0.8%
        Charlotte: -1.0%
        Phoenix: -1.8%
        Atlanta: -2.0%
        Cleveland: -2.0%
        Las Vegas: -2.0%
        And, of course, Detroit: -5.6%

        If on January 1st, 2000, you would have bought a $100K Detroit home and $32.7K of Treasuries at the then-rate of 6.6%, those two things would be worth the same amount today despite the home having cost over three times as much, and before taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Ouch.

      • Foseti says:

        The “DC” number is also dragged down by the crappy parts which have seen declines (think Marion Barry’s Ward).

      • Handle says:

        Well, It’s not so much “DC” as the entire “Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area” which includes

        District of Columbia DC, Calvert MD, Charles MD, Frederick MD, Montgomery MD, Prince Georges MD, Alexandria City VA, Arlington VA, Clarke VA, Fairfax VA, Fairfax City VA, Falls Church City VA, Fauquier VA, Fredericksburg City VA, Loudoun VA, Manassas City VA, Manassas Park City VA, Prince William VA, Spotsylvania VA, Stafford VA, Warren VA, Jefferson WV

        To which one says “West Virginia!?”

        At any rate, we’re talking about a vast MSA with over a million housing units, and only something like 50K of those in the 7th and 8th Wards (though plenty in the crappy Maryland counties too like Prince George, obviously).

        Still the message is clear, if you’ve been in a “good area” somewhere in the metro for the past 11 years – you’ve done better on your investment than almost any comparable place in the country.

        I’d guess that if you are in a newly “recolonized” SWPL area, you may have done even better still, since the real return on successful ghetto gentrification must be huge. It’s probably America’s next major growth industry.

      • Foseti says:

        When you include all those other areas, the increase is even more impressive. Some of the far-away areas got hit pretty hard by the housing crisis. That makes “DC’s” +3% even more impressive. Those of us in decent neighborhoods in the actual DC have seen much more appreciation than that.

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