Bryan Caplan – the same guy who supports unfettered mass immigration to the US – thinks that "boosting libertarians’ Total Fertility Rate to 3 is the most realistic long-run path to liberty."

I guess the plan is for libertarians and immigrants from the libertarian utopia of . . . well whatever . . . can out-breed the rest of the Americans and all the immigrants from countries with non-libertarian political traditions. Maybe it’s the gin talking, but this seems like an admission that "the most realistic long-run path to liberty" has no chance of success.


5 Responses to LMAO

  1. sardonic_sob says:

    The thing is this.

    People don’t want to be free.

    Mostly they want to be left alone, but they don’t want it so bad as to put up with the scary parts of a free society. So long as they are left alone enough to avoid revolution, most of ’em are just fine. You will never get any significant portion of a society of humans to be interested in libertarian ideals.

    Libertarianism, as a social ethos, is a non-starter. Always has been, always will be. And I say that with profound regret.

    • Tschafer says:

      I agree, it is regrettable. And guys like Caplan are at least part of the problem. Sometimes he writes as if he’s never actually known another human being, or noticed how real flesh and blood humans actually behave. For an otherwise intelligent guy, that’s pretty inexcusable.

  2. Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    I used to consider myself a libertarian, until I realized that it’s just not workable. For a libertarian society to exist, you’ve got to have a population that (a) is relatively homogenous, (b) is generally of above average intelligence, (c) has a high degree of trust, and (d) has an above average work ethic. Those conditions have not existed in this country since the days of Grover Cleveland’s presidency, if not further back than that.

    In fact, we’re headed the opposite direction: a heterogeneous, low trust population (thanks to large scale immigration and government policies that encourage cultural fracturing), a declining work ethic, and certainly a dumbing down in general.

    So, I’m a paleo-conservative with some libertarian tendencies. It’s the only thing that really makes sense, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Lester Hunt says:

    In my experience, lovers of liberty reproduce less, not more, than people with more statist or authoritarian views. There is an obvious reason for that: having a child does not make you more free. It makes you less free. Of course, freedom isn’t everything, but there it is.

  4. Handle says:

    The truly risible aspect of his notion is that descendants would maintain enough political-ideological integrity through the (dozens of?) generations that a TFR of 3 (and all other TFR staying lower) would require to raise the frequency of Libertarians to whatever level required to have an impact.

    I’m not convinced there’s much political (voting pattern) stability from even parents to children outside of religiously orthodox homes, and maybe not even then. It’s just puerile.

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