Randoms of the day

I know many of readers are seriously concerned about my well-being, but rest assured, I will continue to go to work and get paid during the government shutdown.


What we condemn in the reactionary sphere undoubtedly needs to be put out there in the intellectual sphere. But it needs an optimistic qualification, an understanding that liberalism may not poison future generations if we stand forthright against it. And we need to exalt the America that causes the passion Boehner expresses. The America that (perhaps unfortunately) attracts so many to its shores. The America that mainstream patriots revere. And we can understand these positives at the same time as criticizing the assuredly destructive progression we see in regards to race, gender, and culture.

If you didn’t watch the Charles Murry video I linked to yesterday, you really should. Isegoria links to John Derbyshire and Steve Sailer on the video.

At Marginal Revolution, someone asks, "what would the world look like if people talked as much about financial regulatory reform as they do about American Idol?" If that ever happens, I hope someone will have the decency to kill me before I’m forced to witness the results, which will perhaps include a Timothy Geithner dress up game.


5 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Handle says:

    Nice to know that during the “government shutdown” people who work for the “government” won’t actually be “shutting down”. In a True Election, the new party would make the campaign promise to shut down the government (Foseti included) until all their conditions were met. If they were elected, a shutdown would have not only legitimacy, but people would have been preparing for it for some time.

    By the way, loved this article showing how 6 pages of Obamacare yields 429 pages of new regulations.

    What they probably don’t understand is that a 71:1 reg-to-statute law ratio is actually not that bad at all. The CFR to USC ratio is somewhat smaller. IIRC, the CFR is about 200K pages long, and the USC is under 10K, so maybe 20:1. I can’t wait until the 2012 editions come out.

    But if you compare things like Title 10 to DoD regs and you’ll get something closer to 200:1. And those regs aren’t even necessarily specific, they often just say who is the approval authority that gets to make an unpredictable and discretionary decision for some matter. Sometimes they don’t even say that, I love it when even the regulation says, “The Chief of X will develop a procedure whereby issues of Y are decided either by a board or officer and …” Is that “law” as in “rule of law” or … what, exactly?

  2. Foseti says:

    The link didn’t work, resend if you can.

  3. Foseti says:

    I read some similar analysis for the financial reform bill. People don’t realize that modern “laws” are just vague directions to regulators to write rules.

  4. […] in the comments, Handle links to an article which says that "6 pages of Obamacare equals 429 pages of […]

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