Randoms of the day

Dennis Mangan links to a study which finds: "The genotypic IQ decline will ruin the economic and social infrastructure needed for quality education, welfare, democracy and civilization. DRDS is currently unopposed politically, so existing fertility differentials may eventually lead to Western submission or civil resistance."

Democracy and lying.

A lot of free market types have spilled some ink on Roger Goodell’s op-ed in the WSJ yesterday defending the NFL’s current organizational structure. For example, here is Professor Bainbridge calling Goodell a commie. I think this is a really bad argument for libertarians. Baseball works in a more libertarian manner . . . and it sucks. Same for the NBA. Blasting the commissioner of the NFL because he wants to keep his product from sucking seems like a losing argument to me.

While I’m on the subject of bad arguments from libertarians, Radley Blako is having IRS problems. That sucks. But it sounds no different than any interaction with a large company.

I regret not keeping a list of all the things I’ve heard that will "destroy the financial system" since I’ve started working at a financial agency. In my head, whenever I hear that "policy X will destroy the financial system" I substitute "policy X is a good idea."

Kalim Kassam linked to this interview with Lee Kuan Yew a few times, it’s worth a watch.

John Derbyshire on libertarians.

Radical Democracy Punishes and Eliminates Beauty

Jim on democracy in the Ivory Coast:

The Ivory Coast illustrates the two great problems of democracy: The fact that bids for votes have no limit, since the politicians are bidding with the promise of stolen goods, and the propensity of governments, pursuing a cheaper vote, to elect a new people. A government composed of people native to the ivory coast elected a new people, a people not native to the ivory coast, and that new people, in turn, elected a new government, a government of tranzis in place of a government of people native to the Ivory Coast.

4 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Handle says:

    1. The beauty article (and that latest Dalrymple) reminded me of Vonnegut’s 50-year-old Harrison Bergeron. In the short story, the government decides to handicap every genetic talent or gift, whether intelligence, height, strength, grace, or beauty – so that all are equal and none rise above the lowest common denominator.

    2. As for the Debt Limit – think of it this way. If you want any deeply indebted (and/or bankrupt) borrower to stop borrowing, there are two potential decision makers that can make that happen, the debtor or the creditor.

    What we know about the government is that when given the choice between pain today and pain tomorrow, Democracy always chooses the time bomb, because Posterity doesn’t get a vote. There is no way to stop the government from borrowing itself and us all into penury.

    But on the other hand, there are the Creditors, who could indeed decide to stop lending at low rates, and will do so the minute it’s clear that bonds are a bad bet.

    So, as far as the debt limit goes, one should favor default. Or, at least, a political movement which strategically and preemptively claims that they will default and screw the creditors one day. You wouldn’t even have to actually do it, just make what seems to be a credible threat, and the addictive teat will be withdrawn.

    The only way to save the system is to let the market declare it broken and abandon their easy lending.

  2. Radley Balko says:

    But it sounds no different than any interaction with a large company.

    Name a large company that I’m forced to do business with every year, whether I want to or not, under penalty of imprisonment.

  3. In..1993 there were approximately 13 459 000 people living in the Ivory Coast…About 70 of those people belong to four major cultural groups–the Akan..in the southeast the Kru in the southwest the Mande in the northwest ..and the Voltaic in the north-central and northeast. There is a great..deal of religious tolerance among the people with members of one family..often being believers in different faiths.

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