Comment of the year – so far

Nick Gillespie wrote a post trying to prove that he’s more politically correct than John Derbyshire, despite the fact that we all already knew this to be the case. Congrats, Nick!

In the comments, Dean Ericson writes:

You kids don’t get it. You sit here splitting libertarian hairs, counting angels on pinheads, spinning out your abstract theories as if they mattered. Listen; in your open-borders fantasyland libertarianism is dead, dead, DEAD! And you and yours are dead. What the hell do you think happens when 100 million foreigners from around the world come pouring in here? They all sit around sipping espresso while discussing the finer points of libertarianism? — it’s laughable! Listen; they wage a merciless politics of my-group-against-all-others, a savage struggle of competing peoples to see who comes out on top and garner the spoils and who shall be plundered and ruled. For pete’s sake use your imagination, try to see what would actually happen, try getting your thinking out of the lazy rut of your precious ideology and *imagine* the reality.

If you need some inspiration just crack any good history book and observe the savage struggles of competing peoples contesting over disputed territory. That we have been at relative peace here in America for some centuries tends to lull the mind into thinking it shall always be so, but that is illusion. Take care to safeguard what you have, protect it, the same way and for the same reasons you have locks on your doors and don’t leave them wide open; so too you must guard the borders of your nation and consider carefully who you let in. You act as if the only thing in the world worthy of being protected is your precious ideology! You are oblivious to the great history of culture, biology, and civilization that was given you by your forebears, who gave you life itself, who gave you a language and system of laws, who gave you great art and architecture and everything you are, including the ability to sit idly constructing coffee house theories, and you think not to protect it and safeguard it and pass it along intact to your descendants? Fools! What monstrous treason to say it matters not for your entire inheritance to be submerged and forgotten, as long as your precious ideology remains.

When your inheritance, your country, your people, your language, your laws, your country, and your family is entirely submerged, well there too goes your little ideology, glug, glug, glug, that ridiculous tin god enthralling you for the moment, which ridiculous god would vanish leaving you without so much as a lincoln penny if your crackpot notions were ever to be realized, God forbid.

4 Responses to Comment of the year – so far

  1. PRCalDude says:

    That was a rather vicious pwning.

    His points are indisputable: our doom is already in the maternity wards of our nation’s hospitals.

  2. Handle says:

    There are more forms of “Capital” than mere Financial Capital. We’ve already had a Financial Capital Crisis. Now get ready for the Social Capital Crisis.

  3. Tschafer says:

    Fantastic comment! Get this guy a blog…

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