Hate crime

I feel a bit guilty admitting that the story that interested me the most this week was this one.

Perhaps the best part was Mr Yglesias offering a policy suggestion in light of his beating. If only there’d been more [of the right kind of] people around! Naturally, he left out the bracketed bit, but he obviously meant it.

When Ms McArdle bought her house, I remember her saying that they loved the diversity of the neighborhood. I remember thinking that such a statement was pretty ignorant. Walking back via the route that Mr Yglesias took was a terrible idea. He’s lucky nothing worse happened. At least he got to experience the warm glow of diversity.

7 Responses to Hate crime

  1. TJIC says:

    > At least he got to experience the warm glow of diversity.


  2. Handle says:

    It reminded me of the “blame America first” crowd’s reaction to 9/11 who, as quickly as they could, tried to solve the puzzle of knitting together the “How is this all really America’s fault?” narrative.

    Far too much “sympathy for the devil” if you ask me, especially when the devil’s attacked you personally, and you answer is not “Hey, maybe we should do something about those Devils, like DC should consider actual effective policing” but instead, “It would have been nice had there been more Angels just randomly walking around, that might have deterred the Devils somewhat, maybe…”

    Like I said over at The Moldbug’s, “More Christian than Christ”, who, despite the turn-the-other-cheek attitude, at least had a few bad things to say about Satan.

    What was Kristol’ definition of a “Neocon” again? “A Liberal who has been mugged by reality.” Ah, but he forgot there are two types of Liberals – the reality admitting and the reality-denying kind. In a Darwinian process in the last two generations, all the Neocon-able Liberals have left the fold, and all that’s left are the True Believers.

    9/11 was like the country getting mugged by reality. And Yglesias was actually mugged. Actually, he wasn’t even mugged/ – it’s worse. it was a non-economic, purely sadistic, probably racially motivated, anonymous assault. The absolute definition of a lack of social order – a legitimate fear of random, whimsical personal violence. Thanks to Yglesias via Sailer, I now know what “polar bear hunting” means.

    And still, despite the “reality mugging” not even a detectable scratch to his faith in the impervious Blue Orthodoxy. You just can’t fight that kind of thing with words alone.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    I pointed this out on Megan’s post about how she loves living in a racially mixed neighborhood:


  4. icr says:

    Yglesias got “happy slapped.”

    Here’s a news report about similar “happy slapping” attacks in Britain

    The report fails to note the assailants are black and victims always white.

    • In one video clip, labelled Bitch Slap, a youth approaches a woman at a bus stop and punches her in the face.

    • In another, Knockout Punch, a group of boys wearing uniforms are shown leading another boy across an unidentified school playground before flooring him with a single blow to the head.

    • In a third, Bank Job, a teenager is seen assaulting a hole-in-the-wall customer while another youth grabs the money he has just withdrawn from the cash machine.

  5. Kyle says:

    It’s interesting to see how liberals rationalize such events.

    Reminds me of John Lannon, a Ruby coder who was shot outside of a Chinese restaurant in Kentucky.

    He writes:

    “Still, I’m reminded that these people were born tabula rasa. I’m curious about the conditions, experiences and choices that lead them to China Dragon on November 3rd.”

    And that among the topics he would like to discuss are:

    “- Hopelessness among the urban poor and how this social problem affects everyone
    – Guns, rap and violence and where are the GenX+ Marvin Gayes and Sam Cookes?”

    It’s heart wrenching.

  6. Alrenous says:

    If you don’t deserve the consequences of your own actions, what do you deserve? There’s nothing to feel guilty about here.

    Yglesias’ ignorance can only be described as negligent or wilful. He chose to have himself beaten exactly as if he’d walked into a beating parlour and laid down benjamins.

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