Random thought

Let’s say it’s 2008 and you work for Barack Obama – i.e. your job is to get him re-elected in 2012.

If you think about it, I think your best move is to pass a divisive healthcare law that looks similar to Massachusetts’ universal healthcare law.

Your biggest potential threat is Romney and passing a law that is similar to his crowning achievement on a national scale really screws him over – as we’ve seen this week.

Is the Obama team that smart?

12 Responses to Random thought

  1. genius says:

    Sure they’re that smart, but why not just pass a divisive health care bill because it reflects their belief that health care ought to be a government service?

  2. It would be smart on the premise that “Mitt” Romney is/was a serious challenger to a hypothetical Obama re-election run in 2012. I don’t know how smart that premise is though. Besides, virtually everyone on the left acts – rightly or wrongly (I think wrongly) – as if the biggest 2012 threat to Obama is Sarah Palin.

  3. SkepticalCynical says:

    It’s over-determined. Sure, Obama’s advisors might have seen Romney as a guy who might have beaten them in 2008 – if nothing else, he wouldn’t have folded when the bank meltdown happened.

    But a health care entitlement has been a dream of the left since the Truman administration – it was the obvious big move to make given Obama’s ideology and political coalition.

    At best, the Romey angle would have been icing on the cake.

  4. dearieme says:

    “Is the Obama team that smart?” Or, to put it another way “Is the Obama team that dim?”

  5. Tschafer says:

    Mitt Romney has about as much chance of being the next President as I have of being the next Archbishop of Canterbury. My money’s on Pawlenty or Palin.

  6. Kalim Kassam says:

    Why is Pawlenty, despite his low name recognition, poor performance in the polls, and nonexistent personality, considered such a strong contender for the nomination? I don’t understand this.

  7. dearieme says:

    I got Pawlenty of nuttin’
    And nuttin’s Pawlenty for me.

  8. Vote Romney for: gay marriage, affirmative action in favor of gays, women, and non asian minorities, abortion, higher taxes, more regulation, and a government takeover of healthcare.

    If Romney is nominated, all these issues go off the table. They become the bipartisan consensus. They cease to be issues. Romney consolidates the advance of the left, setting the stage for the next movement left.

    That is what makes him “electable”. Of course, in fact he is not electable, because conservatives are not going to vote for him. Observe the lack of turnout for McCain. If conservatives did not show up for McCain, even less are they going to show up for Romney.

  9. james wilson says:

    A better question is how stupid are Republicans. We can have some confidence in answering this.

  10. Hugo says:

    Well predicted.

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