Dad days

I took Friday off and spent the day with the boy. My wife had to work for much of the day on Saturday, so I spent most of the day with the boy again.

For two days, I got virtually nothing done. We spent the days walking around the neighborhood, learning to eat solid foods, laughing and enjoying all sorts of aimless activity.

I’ve never been very good with babies or very patient with unproductive days, but I had two very good days.

4 Responses to Dad days

  1. I just about could have written that. My little guy is pushing six months old.

  2. Rob says:

    One thing I found about Fatherhood that I was completely unprepared for is that it took me a while to “Warm Up” to the baby. While it was obvious that Mom had a great bond with the newborn, I didn’t really feel that strongly about the kids until they got older. I wish someone had warned me about that – I thought I was a defective father at first. After a year or so, I had a real bond with our first, and subsequent babies have been much easier for me to develop a bond with.

    • Foseti says:

      I read this book before the little guy was born:

      He made your point very clear. It takes the man a while to warm up and you’ll only warm up if you do some of the care-taking (for obvious reasons, mom has to do some of the care-taking). That was the best pre-parenting advice I got.

      • Alrenous says:

        My dad said so explicitly. “They aren’t people until they can talk,” were his exact words, I believe.

        Upon introspection, I saw that was (and is) roughly my attitude as well. Newborns are ugly, boring, and annoying. Women seem to like them, so good for them, but it’s not like I can nurse in any case.

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