Randoms of the day

Videos from the Property and Freedom Society (I haven’t watched any yet, but I’m sure there’s good stuff in there).

There was lots of violent crime committed by “youths” this past weekend (Auster collects links via Drudge). In my own neighborhood, things were more subdued. The residents of the Section 8 housing busied themselves throwing rocks at passers-by. Good times. We’re told that this is what happens when the weather gets so hot. Apparently that’s supposed to make sense. Salon takes note of Drudge’s stories by insinuating that they’re fictional and wondering why he doesn’t collect stories of violence by “rowdy” white kids – a vigorous intellectual response indeed!

It’s hard for me to read the quote in this post at Mangan’s and not think of the Soviet Union. Thought crimes are everywhere and they will not be tolerated.

What happens when economic research shows that free trade “has ruined the income and employment prospects for most Americans?” Do economists’ heads explode?

Theodore Dalymple:

Sometimes reality is far in advance of satire when it comes to absurdity. The results, however, are not always funny. If a satirist had come up with the idea of a violent criminal who had spent time in an asylum being admitted by a university to its doctoral program in “homicide studies,” thereafter turning into a serial killer, that satirist would have been denounced for poor taste. But this is precisely what a British university did recently. A man with a long history of criminal violence became a serial killer while working on a Ph.D. thesis at the University of Bradford, the subject of his thesis being the methods of homicide used in the city during the nineteenth century. He himself used methods more reminiscent of the fourteenth.

Marriage rates in major cities.

Cheap chalupas


6 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. PRCalDude says:

    Do you ever throw rocks back?

  2. Erik says:

    I’d want to throw back something more creative, like bundles cloth wet with permanently staining bright red dye. Mark them the way nature does: “this things has funny colors and you should avoid it”.

  3. Tschafer says:

    Or why doesn’t Drudge collect stories of violence committed by rowdy elderly white people? We wouldn’t want to be Ageist, after all…

    Sometimes Salon is just beyond parody.

  4. Fake Herzog says:

    I’m glad you linked that study concerning free trade, but I just want everyone to know that Paul Craig Roberts is out of his freaking mind.

    Still, crazy people can have a good idea or two…

  5. Handle says:

    Drudge is always looking for opportunities to tell what Mickey Kaus calls “The Undernews” – what everyone in the press knows is true and important, but refuses to touch because it disturbs the narrative and imperils the agenda.

    He’s got great plausible deniability, “But, I don’t write a single thing, I just post links to what you guys report as if they were rare, isolated and purely local random incidents – and not some part of simultaneous national phenomenon with uncomfortable common threads. Maybe you guys could try to coordinate for uniformity, “Gleichschaltung”, and perhaps with some kind of “Journ-O-List” to ensure this kind thing doesn’t happen again. Oh, you do that already? Gee, glad I’m not a part of that club – because that just means you leave money on the ground for me to pick up. Thanks!”

    You gotta love the internet.

  6. Handle says:

    Oh, and if you want Soviet style attitudes to truth – try this out – again from Psychology Today. Maybe it’s satire?

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