San Francisco

I’ll be out there in a couple weeks – anyone want to meet for a drink or two? Email me:


6 Responses to San Francisco

  1. aretae says:


    And which dates…I’m not in SF right now, but I might drive up to visit Patri and some other friends of mine someitme.

  2. Lester Hunt says:

    Sorry I can’t be there! Be sure to go to restaurant “Q” in the Richmond District. Also, Incanto in Noe Valley (Chef Cosentino’s digs) is wonderful.

  3. Handle says:

    Anytime from 1-15 August?

  4. KevinV says:

    You should definitely try to meet Mencius while you are there. I will be very interested in hearing your view of the City after you explore it a bit.

  5. Simon Rierdon says:

    Haven’t been there since January but I love San Francisco personally, the outlying areas like Oakland…not so much. Too bad I won’t be there until around October but if you ever get to Germany, there isn’t anywhere here that isn’t within an hour or two drive. I’ll buy the first round.

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